Sonata is actively addressing 7 UN sustainability goals.

Sustainability is a very important part of our philosophy. It is most important that apart from our strong financial performance, innovation, love for cashew products, we remain responsible, corporate citizens.

Our comprehensive set of codes, policies, and assurance processes define how we aim to operate in socially and environmentally responsible ways.

How we aim to operate in socially and environmentally responsible ways:

  • Sonata is improving livelihoods by processing cashews at the origin.
  • Sonata is promoting gender equality with over 70% workforce as women.
  • Sonata provides safe, healthy, and meaningful economic growth for all employees.
  • Sonata is reducing inequality with all recruitments based on individual merit irrespective of age, race, sex, ethnicity, and religion.
  • Sonata is committed to innovation at origin by deploying the latest technology and introducing innovative techniques for higher yields.
  • Sonata is reducing carbon footprint by processing at origin and setting up shell powered plants to reduce fossil fuels of production.
  • Sonata has partnered with the US Department of Agriculture to improve the livelihoods of farmers.

Our assurance as a company:

  • Nuts traceability to origin farmers cluster
  • Consistent taste with single-origin raw cashew nuts
  • Commitment to local employment and community building
  • Women empowerment by training women to take up team lead roles
  • Environment caring with plants being operated using gas generators and natural gas
  • No child labour from procurement of raw cashew nuts to processing of raw cashew nuts to the export of finished edible cashew nuts
  • Achieve zero waste from raw cashew nuts by producing kernel from raw nuts, CNSL from shell and power from de-oiled cake