Partnered with US Department of Agriculture to improve livelihoods.

We have an inclusive growth approach that positively impacts families of thousands of farmers in Nigeria and Cote D’Ivoire.

We have partnered with the US Department of Agriculture to put in place a farmer linkage program that trains farmers on Good Agricultural Practices leading to a 10-15% increase in their incomes. Sonata trains smallholder farmers throughout the year to improve their productivity and harvest yield.

At Sonata, we have clear goals and objectives for our farmers linkage program, it is all about having a win-win partnership. We secure a competitive, sustainable sourcing of raw nuts with full traceability, farmers are linked directly, trained in best practices to improve on yield and quality and thus their income. Sonata has trained around 8,000 farmers as of March, 2023.

Sonata has established collection points across the cashew belt to make it easy for smallholder farmers to supply raw cashew nuts.