Our Cashews

Premium Cashews, Single Origin, Consistent Taste

Sonata exports premium cashews from single-origin with consistent taste to the US, UK, and Europe.

We have identified a cluster of villages over several years of R&D to source the best nuts and provide our customers with premium cashews with consistent taste.

What you gain when you buy from us.

  • We honour our contracts.
  • We deliver what we promise.
  • Nuts traceability to origin farmers cluster.
  • Consistent taste with single-origin raw cashew nuts.
  • You can reduce your Asia supply chain risk by buying from Africa.

How you make the world better when you buy from us.

  • Reducing carbon footprint by processing cashews at the origin.
  • Commitment to local employment and community building.
  • Women empowerment by training them to take up leadership roles.
  • No child labour in the entire value chain to produce finished edible cashew nuts.
  • Support RCN producing countries with GDP growth, employment, and forex earnings.